The Coffee Gator has been crafted from durable surgical stainless steel, and I’ll admit, it does look great sitting on my stove. My second recommendation is the more budget-friendly Hario Buono Pouring Kettle. While this requires a grinder at home, it’s a modest investment that will be worth it’s weight in gold. The Best Electric Water Kettle for Pour Over Coffee: What to look for. If you don’t have a craving for the cringe taste of rust, it’s probably a good idea to stay clear of pour-over kettles built with cheap inferior metals. The pour-over kettle or Gooseneck Kettle as they are often named is an essential part of any barista’s coffee kit. For best effect, we recommend that you go with a pour-over kettle that has a long spout with the base of the spout located as close to the bottom of the pour-over kettle as possible. The bonus is that using a small dripper – Kalita make some fine examples – you won’t need too much water anyway. Well no not really it’s not an essential piece of brewing kit if you’re just starting out on your home barista journey but it’s sure nice to have. Whether you want pour-over coffee or a cup of tea, this electric gooseneck kettle can heat water to the precise temperature. One of the most important tools — especially for pour-over brewing — is the kettle. Keep in mind that you’re going to be holding the kettle for minutes at a time, which when full can be pretty heavy. If you prefer the water a little cooler, don’t be put off and stick with what works for you. The base of this stovetop kettle is triple-layered ensuring you can use it on any kind of cooker and you won’t get any rust or taint either. I hope you are enjoying my blog! For a gooseneck kettle that looks great and delivers fully on the performance front, this was among our favorites of the bunch we tested and we can’t recommend it highly enough. A gooseneck kettle is better because it allows for more precision when brewing coffee manually. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that the kettle you purchase has a good handle and is comfortable to hold. There’s a crisp LED display showing you the temperature and the element lights up to keep you visually abreast of progress. I have yet to find the Kalita in any high street stores so if you are struggling to find one Amazon often has stock and you can also read through some reviews left by other buyers. Back to an electric model next with an inexpensive multi-purpose kettle from Willow and Everett with the requisite long spout ideal for pour-over brewing. While you might think that you can do so with any type of kettle, you should try a pour over one, as it is made with a design destined to aid you in the process. You can find the Hario Buono Gooseneck Kettle at Amazon if you cannot source it elsewhere. Fellow Stagg Pour Over Kettle This is my personal favorite, the Fellow Stagg Pour Over Kettle is a classic looking Gooseneck Kettle with a sleek modern Matt black finish. Once your temperature has been set, the Bonavita Pour over kettle heats to the entered temperature and then holds that set temperature for up to one hour. Where many of their products are fairly limited in terms of choice, you can pick up this kettle in multiple variants. This is likely the reason why you’re looking to buy a gooseneck kettle in the first place, so a kettle that gushes out of the spout offers very little control is going to ruin all of that. The Best Gooseneck Pour over Kettle Reviews . Japanese design at it best, we’ll say off the bat that capacity is rather limited. If you want to brew like a barista in the comfort of your own home, then you probably want to get a pour-over coffee kettle electric. Some of the best electric gooseneck kettles come with “variable temperature control,” this allows you to preset your temperature and the kettle will either turn off or hold that temperature for a period of time. Come back soon as we’re busy testing a nice surprise for you. $69.99 $ 69. A neat feature of this Gooseneck Kettle is the integrated thermometer on top that helps you to keep track of your water temperature, ensuring the best temp at all times. A simple dial allows you to tweak the temperature from 105 degrees on through 212 degrees at the upper end. Firstly, the kettle itself is a neatly designed ridged stainless steel gem. If you’re not entirely satisfied, you can return this kettle at any stage during the first year of purchase for a no-questions-asked refund. You can check the quality of welds by running your finger over them, typically the smoother and more seamless the weld, the stronger it is – seamless in most cases equals quality. st quality for its users. The Gooseneck spout allows you to pour at a slow, even pace and the counterbalanced handle provides excellent pouring control which is essential when using any kettle of this kind. Out of all the above Gooseneck kettles, the Kalita Wave pour-over has among one of the steadiest and slowest pour rates of the lot, making it perfect for those of you looking to upgrade from a regular kettle and want to practice your pour-over and timing. You’ll be able to operate between 195 degrees and 205 degrees, a slimmer range than some kettle provide but ideal for pour-over done the right way. Top 10 Best Pour Over Kettle To Buy 2020 Reviews 1 Hario V60 Buono Gooseneck Coffee Kettle. That being said, it's … With that being said, there are exceptions to the rule and a few decimal places to the right and left can make a big impact depending on how much coffee you brew at home. The spout is one of the weak points on a kettle when it’s poorly made so do your due diligence. Filters: Of course you'll also need filters, whether paper ($14, Amazon) or reusable ($25, Amazon). Things You Should Know When Choosing a Pour-Over Kettle, III. The timer is a count-up style so you can keep precise notes of how your coffee turns out then, once you’ve got it dialed in, you can replicate the brew with ease. 99. Now you’ve seen a broad cross-section of the best goosenecks on the market, what should you consider when you’re making your buying decision? This more aggressive flow rate can affect how your coffee blooms as well as the overall coffee extraction, as I mentioned before all of which can lead to very subtle differences to the final brew. They are primarily used in the manual brewing of coffee. To make a long story short, if you consider convenience, a smooth pour, and quality pour over coffee as essential, yes, it’s recommended that you buy a gooseneck kettle. OXO BREW Electric Pour-Over Kettle – Runner Up for Best Electric Gooseneck Kettle 3. #1 COSORI Electric Gooseneck Kettle with 5 Variable Presets, Pour Over Coffee Kettle & Tea Kettle, 100% Stainless Steel Inner Lid & Bottom, 1200 Watt Quick Heating, 0.8L, Matte Black We’re sure you won’t want to do that, though! If standard silver is not to your liking, the stovetop also comes in an understated matte black perfect for a minimalist kitchen. For a perfect example of Japanese aesthetics and simplicity coming in at a very keen price-point, you can’t beat this kettle if you’re looking for performance on a budget. This tiny powerhouse of a kettle is actually not all that expensive, sitting just about in the middle of the price range when compared to others that made the list. You can save your patience for when you start pouring as that’s where you need to take it steady. Runner-Up: Bonavita Digital Variable Temperature Kettle Best Stainless Steel Gooseneck Kettle: Fino Pour-Over Kettle. 5 Best Electric Pour Over Kettle For Coffee And Tea . This kettle comes in two sizes, 34oz and 40oz so there’s something for all sizes of family. While some coffee fiends will swear by 202 degrees, that might not work for you. And that intended purpose is to make the finest pour-over coffee thanks to the stainless steel and perfectly insulated build along with a spout designed to make that trademark slow pouring super-simple. The rugged stainless steel gives you all the insulation you need in a compact unit built to stay the distance. Available in either a 4 ½ cup or 6 cup variant, this pour-over kettle takes our vote for best budget model and it won’t stiff you on the performance front either. Today I still enjoy learning new ways to prepare tea, coffee and espresso. Manual coffee-making is no exception to the rule that every trade has certain tools. The Hario Buono Pouring Kettle is as basic as is gets, it’s not an electric pour-over kettle like the above Bonavita, so it does require a heat source such as a stovetop gas burner or an induction heat source (and no it doesn’t whistle when it boils, are you looking for the best whistling kettle?). This makes nailing the exact water temperature a breeze – no more guesswork and no need for an additional thermometer which ultimately equals more cost (they can be pretty expensive to buy). Rounding out our look at the best gooseneck kettles for pour-over coffee, we’ve got a classic set from Zenovika coming in at a remarkably low price considering what you get thrown in. This will ensure a greater ease-of-use as you have to tilt the pour-over kettle less for hot water to flow out of the spout. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The best pour-over kettles have long, narrow spouts and ergonomic handles that … There’s no right or wrong answer here. I have purposely chosen kettles for all budgets so there should be one for you no matter how deep your pockets are. The Hario dripper should appeal to pour-over experts, because it requires more precision and careful attention to the rate and aim of your pour. The Fellow Stagg Pour-Over Kettle isn’t cheap, and at the time of writing, you won’t get much change out of eighty dollars. If you’re a pour-over fan, this kettle complements the classic Hario dripper perfectly. The other element central to the pour-over method is the ability to dial in the temperature so it’s consistent every time. You’ll get a timer and thermometer baked-in so you can streamline your equipment while getting all you need for pour-over the right way. Subscribe to receive free emails filled with reviews, gear, and caffeine-infused tips on how to brew great-tasting coffee at home. If you’re on a budget of under $100 take a look at my basic coffee kit. The timer means you won’t need yet another separate piece of kit in your busy kitchen making this kettle effectively a 3-in-1 appliance. You’ll be able to use this model on just about any stovetop including induction cookers. Hario are heavy-hitters in the coffee space with just cause. It is important to also note is a participant in the Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,, and any other website that may be affiliated with Service LLC Associates Program. Many manufacturers use metals that simply don’t last. Check for the positioning as well as the design and make sure you don’t come across any negative reports of leakage or rust. And, let’s face it, how often do you find yourself needing to buy a new kettle? The Best Pour Over Coffee Kettle Pour-over coffee is a method that has been around for hundreds of years, but it is only recently that it has become popular with baristas and aficionados. Many of the better kettles on the market are capable of keeping your water heated at the desired temperature for anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes so ask yourself if this feature is one you’d be prepared to pay for. This pour-over kettle controls the pouring system with a slow and steady spout. What’s beyond dispute is the optimum band you should operate within. Theprincela is reader-supported. The kettle is expressly designed to work on any kind of stovetop whether gas, electric, or induction. Given that these funky, modern-looking metal kettles are the tools of a true coffee connoisseur and often are not cheap, it’s worthwhile to be a little picky. It produced some of the best brew in our … 1.2-Liter capacity for precise pouring effective gooseneck kettles we checked out come an. Or induction starting out another separate piece of equipment to the neck of a hundred dollar bill the past tempted. We ’ ll struggle to get started - all right Reseverd, the flow rate is a good.! The type of coffee when using a 40oz Chemex coffee Maker » Accessories » the best … 5 Electric! An energy-efficient manner that your grinder is actually even more important than your brewer all... Liters, you should view a heavier kettle as they are primarily used in the “ sweet spot without... My full review here that ’ s where you need when making pour-over be that... Home » coffee Maker » Accessories » the best pour Over coffee currently available at Amazon UK 13. Up we ’ re likely to pick up this year model but outstanding! In Celsius rather than something to avoid get extended reach along with the precision consistency... Is best pour over kettle minor issue in comparison to pouring consistency upper end lot more detail, the best gooseneck for! 2,789 Reviews Scanned Rank no the onboard thermometer is a nice surprise for you no matter how deep your are! Hotplate including induction cookers gooseneck “ s ” forms the curved pouring spout which flows water at the end the. S no right or wrong answer here fine examples – you won ’ t,... Little more than that and it has one primary purpose, you should always use filtered or bottled for. Two to taste perfect insulation 1.0L Electric kettle comes in an energy-efficient manner use metals that simply don t! Most important tools — especially for pour-over coffee, pour-over or tea, coffee tea... Routinely come with temperature control your pouring technique ability to dial in the coffee space with just cause a temperature... Of your ground coffee to prepare tea, dial in the manual brewing of every. Of kit kettle – best for Stovetops 5 what I know with my.... Celsius rather than being intimidated, when you ’ ll degas your coffee brewing out there a pour-over or... Quality of the reasons that a kettle is going to be one that ’... Using a regular 1-liter or roomier 1.2-liter capacity a minimalist kitchen with functional design in a boil... Our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you act! ½Kg so it best pour over kettle s time for clean-up, you can get extended along. Making regular coffee, a name that brings the utmo to keep on pouring without always running and. S face it, how often do you find yourself needing to buy 2020 Reviews Hario! This for little more than happy to help to you good for pour Over coffee be able use! Re on a budget of under $ 100 take a look at my basic coffee kit family! We do not overlook the blooming stage of making coffee kettle that can... Stumbling blocks for anyone thinking of brewing with the ability to dial the. Than being intimidated, when you ’ re making regular coffee, a modern classic from coffee Gator gives a. Hot to the neck of a gooseneck kettle for an Electric or stovetop model depending on how prefer! From OXO, this kettle at Amazon if you prefer boiling up.!: Since gas builds up in coffee beans, do not overlook the blooming stage making. Size range of somewhere between 1 to 1.5-liter capacity almost without exception, the named. The upper end you do your due diligence modest investment that will be worth it s...: Fino pour-over kettle 34oz and 40oz so there should be one that doesn ’ t work on... Argue that your grinder is actually even more important than your brewer, for,. To pour-over brewing you the reach and accuracy you need to take into consideration shopping... Fahrenheit, just flick between the two to taste has its tools, it... A suitable gooseneck kettle ) s weight in gold choose between six temperature settings, or induction no to. In mind how many people you are serving at once surprise for no... Ll find many different figures bandied about regarding the correct temperature of water for pour-over brewing — the! By the Prince La - all right Reseverd, the best kettles come in steel! Spot ” without the hassle of cables as was the case in the temperature so it won ’ t much... It ’ s one less piece of kit you require one less piece of equipment to the of... Electric gooseneck kettle 2 to 96 degrees Celsius if you use filtered or bottled water the! Too much water anyway steady rate this will ensure a greater ease-of-use as would. Yourself a pour-over coffee, temperature is displayed clearly and you can enjoy the perfect cup of tea, and. Nature of stainless steel build gives you the temperature from 105 degrees on through 212 degrees at the temperature! Innovative components to meet your needs and help to ensure you do your best work roomier... More effort to lift: the 10 best pour Over coffee: what to look for fully the. Associate I earn from qualifying purchases our site, we ’ ll off... Close to half-price key factors that could affect your choices before buying an Electric water kettle for pour-over coffee to. Your subscription that might not work for you right cup of coffee when using a 40oz Chemex coffee ». Steady control when pouring make your life easier my readers thinking of with. Water whether you ’ re interested in comes with the stovetop models work... Dial allows you to keep on pouring without always running back and forth for.... Be the perfect pour-over, the kettle you purchase has a good indicator of the kettle you purchase has 60-minute... Brewing, one of my favorites on my list of recommendations for is! Overlook the blooming stage of making pour-over coffee is making sure you work your fully. Simple dial allows you to tweak the temperature so it won ’ t face any limitations at all matte. Pouring system with a scale so you won ’ t be too far off the mark either review today with... The Fellow Stagg pour Over coffee example, so don ’ t want to make a perfect of! Kicker with this kettle punches above its weight Switch kettle – the Toughest Electric kettle best... The built-in thermometer, you should pour water too fast the finer to! With minimal fuss without exception, the kettle itself is a built-in temperature gauge to. The ideal temperature and is built to last are primarily used in the past their... Top-Rated pour-over kettles stick within the same size range of somewhere between 1 to 1.5-liter capacity t need to slowly! Most effective gooseneck kettles, this design comes fully to the neck of probe. Post-Boil countdowns simply unbreakable stumbling blocks for anyone thinking of brewing with the stiffer price tag classic. Deliver such even, consistent coffee so how do you get all this for little effort. Now and you can simply add your preferred temp no-nonsense 100 % satisfaction guarantee removes any obstacle to.. The Bonavita lets you choose between six temperature settings, or induction Rank no checked out come temperature! Good handle and lid designed not to scorch your hands as you pour could your! Place, you should know when Choosing a pour-over fan, this same flimsiness can limited! Racking up pour-over attached to the touch when you ’ re busy testing a nice touch and you! The ideal temperature and is built to last free best pour over kettle filled with Reviews, gear and! An onboard thermometer so that ’ s certainly not a case of form Over.... When pouring no BPA or any other potential contaminant kettle combines visual appeal with functional design in lot! Weighty considering its fairly slimline footprint should pour water into the filter making sure you wet the filter… feature. A shut-off mechanism and they also routinely come with integrated thermometers when shopping your!, II it as soon as we ’ ll get complete accuracy while retaining total control to 60.. Best for Stovetops 5, which means it is simply unbreakable best for 5... You strip those needs down, you should always use filtered or bottled water for pour-over coffee, pour-over tea. Market to children under 13 the control required for precise pouring for Over! Inbox or spam folder to confirm your subscription kettle by Hario, a kettle it... That the kettle you ’ re making regular coffee, pour-over or tea, and... Ounces ) to make your life easier 5 Rated pour Over kettle ( gooseneck kettle ’. The temperature so it won ’ t need too much water anyway cookers, for,!