It was the name adopted by the Pharisee Saul of Tarsus after his conversion to Christianity on the road to Damascus in about ad 34. Search Belly Ballot to discover the popularity, meanings, and origins of thousands of names from around the world. example: "lord of the rings" matches names from the novel 'The Lord of … Saul – Paul: Some think that God changed Saul's name to Paul after his conversion, but this isn't true. Judith; This sweet name simply means ‘woman from Judea’. LEAVE A REPLY Cancel reply. (Acts 13:9) This collection of biblical girl names brings together actual names from the Bible and names derived from biblical words, including the language, origin, and meaning of the name (see also Baby Boy Names ). "Paul means small. He studied under the ranking rabbi of the era, Gamaliel. … Paul the Apostle (Latin: Paulus; Greek: Παῦλος, romanized: Paulos; Coptic: ⲡⲁⲩⲗⲟⲥ; Hebrew: פאולוס השליח ‎; c. 5 – c. 64/67), commonly known as Saint Paul and also known by his Hebrew name Saul of Tarsus), was a Christian apostle (although not one of the Twelve Apostles) who spread the teachings of Jesus in the first-century world. Acts 13:9 Then Saul, (who also is called Paul,) filled with the Holy Ghost, set his eyes on him. After Festus had reviewed the case against Paul, he decided that this was more of a religious matter, than it was a political one, and so therefore, sent the apostle to be tried before the Sanhedrin instead of the Roman tribunal. List Of All Books Of The Bible And Their Authors . Use this code: Print Search Again. Paul, in the New Testament known by his Hebrew name Saul until Acts 13:9, was apparently educated from boyhood in Jerusalem, not Tarsus. In the Old Testament, Elisheba is the wife of Aaron. The Book Of Philemon Was Written By Paul; Recommended: Amazing Bible Facts And Statistics. The name Saul or Shaul is applied five times in the Bible: Most famously is Saul the son of Kish, who was anointed as the first king of Israel by Samuel the prophet and last of the judges (1 Samuel 10:1). An awesome prophecy emerges when the meanings of all 72 names in the genealogy from Adam to Jesus are read sequentially! Demanded, lent, ditch, death. Hebrew Baby Names Meaning: Please enter your name here . Jewish parents in particular may be drawn to this quiet, composed name of the first king of Israel and the name of Saint Paul before his conversion. His … Connecting to the Bible via a Hebrew name is becoming increasingly popular among avid Bible lovers. There are over 50 different variations for the name Paul, more than any other male name. An auspicious name, it is one that will be admired. 3. About 37 or 38 AD, James, "the Lord's brother" (Galatians 1:19), was still in Jerusalem, and had an interview there for the first time with Paul, when the latter returned from his 3 years' sojourn in Damascus to visit Cephas, or Peter (Galatians 1:18,19; compare Acts 9:26). Disciple of Christ in the Bible. Biblical: the apostle evangelist. The Hebrew name given him by his parents was Saul, but, because his father was a Roman citizen (and therefore Saul inherited Roman citizenship), Saul also had the Latin name Paul (Acts 16:37, 22:25-28), the custom of dual names being common in those days. Paul (Greek Paulos) means "small" or "little. Names in the Bible can signify origin, purpose, traits and characteristics of the person. Sometimes the bible itself informs the reader what a name means. A very biblical name that is of Hebrew descent. Bible mention: Exodus 4:14. My son (born 2008) is named Paul after his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. Please enter your comment! But there's no need to leaf through your bible. Paul was a strict Jew and an enemy of the early Christians.However, on the road to Damascus, he had a vision of Jesus Christ and converted to Christianity. Personal experiences with the name Paul. He became a passionate evangelist and travelled on many missionary journeys. Julia; Julia is a very popular name that’s been used often for many decades. There is no better way to personally connect to the ancient, holy words of the Bible. Today, Christian parents continue to value the ancient custom of choosing a biblical name with important significance for the life of their child. Name: Paul (Add to Favourite List?) Popular Roman and medieval name used commonly since the 18th century. In the bible, this is the name of the father of Jether, Mered, Epher and Jalon. 200 Best Biblical Boy Names With Meanings: 1. The name comes from the Hebrew el meaning “God” and shava’ meaning “oath.” Both versions of this name appear in the Bible. A name that will flow off your tongue. It is not clear whether his family moved to Jerusalem (where both Greek and Jewish schooling was offered) while he was young, or whether Paul was simply sent there for his education. Popular Biblical Names for Boys . My Hebrew Name: Paul in Hebrew (Note: English names which are not derived from Hebrew names are normally represented below by Hebrew names with similar underlying meanings.) In Roman Catholic practice, the saints are revered, prayed to, and in some instances, worshiped. Paul appeals to parents who seek a name with genuine depth. Put this Hebrew name on your site or blog! These are some of the most popular and unique biblical names for boys, along with their meanings, origins, popularity in the top 1,000 list of boy names, and other interesting information. English Bibles make a distinction between the Hebrew names Saul and Shaul but there's no real call for that, except that Shaul comes closer to the Hebrew pronunciation than Saul.. In modern times, it has been associated with Nobel Prize-winning novelist Saul Bellow. ignore name meanings: the description is the meaning and history write-up for the name; separate search terms with spaces; search for an exact phrase by surrounding it with double quotes. List Of Biblical Names & Meaning Starting With Y List Of Biblical Names & Meaning Starting With Z. I really like the name Paul, it's a strong, masculine Biblical name for a boy. Bible mention: Revelation 9:11. For example, some benefactors have expressed a new-found connection to the Biblical characters whose names they share, much to their surprise. Meanings Biblical Names Meaning: In Biblical Names the meaning of the name Saul is: Asked, lent, a grave. He studied under the ranking rabbi of the era, Gamaliel. This comprehensive list of biblical baby boy names draws together actual names in Scripture and names derived from biblical words, including the language, origin, and meaning of the name (see also Baby Girl Names ). Paul falls into the classic name category. The bible is a great source of inspiration when it comes to choosing a baby name. Paul, in the New Testament known by his Hebrew name Saul until Acts 13:9, was apparently educated from boyhood in Jerusalem, not Tarsus ( Acts 22:3). Names play a variety of roles in the Bible. Aaron: Aaron means a ‘Teacher’, ‘Lofty’, or a ‘Mountain of strength’. A tentmaker by profession. Nave's Topical Index It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Paul is "small". You have entered an incorrect email address! Paul's letters to early Christians form the majority of the books of the New Testament. The name Saul is a boy's name of Hebrew origin meaning "prayed for". FELIX: Latin name meaning "happy" or "lucky." Since Paul was a Roman citizen and witnessed to the Greek-speaking world, it was reasonable for him to take a more familiar form of his own name. Personalized Hebrew Name Certificates A Unique and Meaningful Heirloom for Yourself or a Loved One. Previous article Revive Us 2016 Speakers & Guests. For further information on the names included on the list, the reader may consult the sources listed below in the References and External Links. Previous article List Of Books In The Bible From Shortest To Longest. In the Bible, saints are called to revere, worship, and pray to God alone. Abaddon: Abbadon is the name of an angel in the Bible, and it means ‘The Destroyer’. Bible-Names Code is now on YouTube. Printed Certificate — $59.95. Billy Graham Answers. It is one of the most popular Christian names. In several other passages the name of James is coupled with that of Peter. It is not clear whether his family moved to Jerusalem (where both Greek and Jewish schooling was offered) while he was young, or whether Paul was simply sent there for his education. 2. They sometimes relate to the nominee's role in a biblical narrative, as in the case of Nabal, a foolish man whose name means "fool." In the Bible, everyone who has received Jesus Christ by faith is a saint. The meaning of a name was very important in bible days. Similar to the urban legend of Bigfoot, Paul is a mysterious and beautiful seagull that roams around the earth without a care in the world. Its meaning makes it appropriate for a long-awaited child. Paul McCartney, singer/songwriter, member of The Beatles. Of course Joy is a great name for a new bundle of Joy. Gender: Meaning: Small, humble. The name is also borne by Sir Paul McCartney and the pope who headed Vatican II. Some of the names are given with a proposed etymological meaning. 1 … BP-Pub-3. To the thousands of girls who screamed the name of their favorite Beatle in the 1960s, the boys' name Paul had a thrillingly unique image, but to the rest of the world, then and now, it's a name that's so simple and yet so widely diffuse that it could belong to almost anyone. Paul Name Meaning. Next article List Of Books In The Coptic Bible. BIblical names carry rich symbolism. They also offer: Framed Plaques 5X7 or 8X10; Coffee Mugs; Music Boxes The Biblical Paul might have changed his name as he was a small man with a hooked nose. Biblical context: Origin - Hebrew. EZRAH (עְזָרה): Hebrew name meaning "help." We have all the names listed for you. Famous Pauls include: Paul Newman, actor. BP-Pub-2. The name Paul is a form of Paulus, a Latin family name that was originally a nickname meaning small. Nowadays, parents continue to treasure the ancient tradition of choosing a name from the Bible—a name that will hold particular significance for their child. Looking for the perfect name for your little one? English, French, German, and Dutch: from the personal name Paul (Latin Paulus ‘small’), which has always been popular in Christendom. Since he grew up in a strict Pharisee environment, the name Saul was by far the more appropriate name to go by. The name Paul means Humble, Small and is of Latin origin.Paul is a name that's been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for boys.. This is an Old French name meaning ‘happiness’. In the bible, this is the name of a Roman procurator of Judea. Complete List of Apostle Paul’s Prayers In The Bible. List Of Names In The Bible & Meaning From A To Z. The name Paul is a boy's name of Latin origin meaning "small". Next article Why Is Jesus Different From Other Religious Leaders? The Homeschool Review Crew received framed plaques with name meanings spelled out and set against beautiful background images. "Paul" is Greek for the Jewish "Saul." They first research the meaning of your name and then create a work of art complete with a Bible Verse that reflects your name’s individual meaning.